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We are taking a small initiative for the needys of kerala flood calamity. Kindly come forward to donate even if it's a small donation.
The amount can be transferred to our trust account. For further clarifications, Kindly contact Mrs Aathilashmi (Chairman) -> 9841815420

We have Donated Rs - 5000 for Kerala Flood Relief in person!!!

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About Trust

Om Trust was entrenched to contribute towards the needy people in various aspects they could. Om Trust is a charitable trust situated at the hot city of Coimbatore. Our mission is to afford sustainable living home for the old age people who are hardly in need of love & care at the most. And also bringing shine in the life of poor children in the form of education by sponsoring them for their education. We also construct temples where it's really needed and in those places where there are no temples at all. We also raise our hands in joining the rivers of India together concept.

Since poverty, homeless and illiteracy plays a vital role in our society, we started our trust to serve the best in erasing these things from the needy people's life permanently. Education should be provided each and every child no matter what they are rich or poor. We strive hard in implementing "Education to all". Keeping this in mind, we started affording education, stationary and uniform for the poor children.


T. Aadhi Lakshmi


Thiru Vengadam

Vice President

Sunil Kumar



Vice Secretary

Sangeeth Kumar


Our Services

Old age homes for Senior citizens

At Om Trust, we aim to afford "A Home Away From Home" that is a homelike and satisfied living for the regretted parents with utmost responsibility, dedication, trust and care to develop humanity and love.

We are very much keen in affording the utmost care to our elders in such a way that our staffs are very much devoted to the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well fare of the Elders, in order to afford them with pleasant living with self-respect and completeness.

Child education sponsorship

Child education sponsorship is one of the finest ways to afford children much more improved lives and better future. Sponsoring a child for their education through Om Trust is one of the most impressive, uplifting and worthwhile ways to support the needy children.

When you sponsor education for a child, you are sponsoring education for a whole generation. Keeping this in mind, we always doesn't say "No" to the education of a child in need. Education is like a seed even if the tree dies, the seeds will spread all over the world with no expectations. Likewise if we offer education to a child, sure that child will enlighten the world with his/her powerful knowledge.

Indian Rivers Inter-link project support

Indian Rivers Inter-link is specified as a planned massive civil engineering project that desires to productively administer water resources in India by linking Indian rivers by a chain of reservoirs and canals. This project helps in reducing constant floods in some regions and directs those flood waters to other parts in India suffering from water starvation for various needs.

India's National Water Development Agency (NWDA) manages this project under its Ministry of Water Resources. NWDA has designed and processed reports for inter-linking rivers which demands the solution for the entire water problem in India. We always support and work over this project in rural areas in making people aware of water saving.

Building temples

The name Temple is derived from the Latin word templum which is an emotional architecture peaceful for religious or spiritual practices and activities that counts prayer and sacrifice. We believe in all faiths come true when we step into a temple and obviously we are following this for decades and decades. Even though we are adapting to modern lifestyle and thoughts, yet we respect some of the religious aspects and one of which is temple worship.

"கோவில் இல்லா ஊரில் குடியிருக்க வேண்டாம்"

The above proverb really means what the statement is. Yes obviously, according to Hindu culture people won't reside in the town where there is no temple. So to avoid such circumstance, we filter those towns without temples and opt to construct temples in those towns. We were successful in achieving this and have won hearts of those religious people.

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Om Trust

We have selected Yelur Village to construct a temple and the work has been successfully Completed. Already we have lord vinayagar at this temple and various poojas are going on regularly, especially Chathurthi and Sangadahara Chathurthi. We are going to start the construction of this temple from September 13th 2018 for the below God and Goddesses namely Shivan, Parvathi, Senthoor Murugan, Srinivasa Perumal, Sridevi, Bhoodevi at Arulmigu Om Shri Karpaga Vinayagar Temple at Coimbatore. The temple is situated on the way to Eichanari and it covers an area of two and a half cent. People who are interested to donate for the construction of temples in the upcoming future can approach the below mentioned contact numbers for further clarifications.

CASH / CHEQUE / DD in the name of Om trust will be accepted and the receipt for the payment will be provided to the respective persons.

For further clarifications, Kindly contact

Mrs Aathilashmi -> 9841815420

Mr Thiruvengadam -> 9841415420

Mr Sunil Kumar -> 0019802270152(USA)

Mr Sangeeth Kumar -> 0012014960124(USA)

Mrs Punithavathi Thiruvengadasami -> 9488360859


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